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Swing Easy Golf offers a wide variety of servcies. If you don't see what you're looking for here, call and we'll create something just for you.

Fitting Options

Complete Fitting - $140 - This is a 3.5 hour session that begins with a player interview..

Driver Fitting - $75

Iron Fitting - $75

Putter Fitting - $45

Player Fitting - $175 - This fitting will include everything in the complete fitting and an additional 30-45 minutes on video swing analysis looking for swing flaws that may enhance your ball striking ability.


The Fitting Studio
This is a fully enclosed state of the art Swing Analysis Studio. We use several different pieces of equipment to analyze your swing and your ball flight characteristics. The P3ProSwing® is used for Swing Analysis and Club Fitting. This sophisticated system produces a tremendous amount of data. Including:

Shot Carry Distance
Club Head Speed
Ball Speed

Swing Path Angle
Face Angle
Angle of Attack
Toe and Heel Height
Ball Path, including how far left or right of center
Shot Path (right or left of your setup position)
Statistical Totals for all shots hit in a session


MOI Matching
We use the Tom Wishon Golf Technology MOI Matching System we measure four factors; 1. Club Length. 2. Total  Club Weight. 3. Balance Point and 4. Period of Motion, ( the effect of gravity and acceleration on a club). By inputting this information into the TWGT MOI Matching software we can MOI match our custom made clubs to the favorite club in your current set or match a completely new set.

We can also use our expertise to analyze your current set to give you all the information you would need to replace them in the case they are stolen, lost or damaged.

For more information on any of these services.

Call David L. Lawrence at 317-501-6308




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