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Take a Look at Swing Easy Golf's New
Indoor Fitting Studio and Practice Facility!

Take a Look at Swing Easy Golf's New
Take a Look at Swing Easy Golf's New
Welcome to the Swing Easy Golf Indoor Practice Facility and Fitting Studio. This is a fully enclosed state of the art Swing Analysis Studio. We use several different pieces of equipment to analyze your swing and your ball flight characteristics. The P3ProSwing® is used for Swing Analysis and Club Fitting. This sophisticated system produces a tremendous amount of data. Including:

Shot Carry Distance
Club Head Speed (averages the last 3 inches before impact)
Ball Speed (algorithm from club speed) Backed up with Zelocity® Radar Unit for a true ball speed reading
Swing Path Angle
Face Angle
Angle of Attack
Toe and Heel Height
Ball Path, including how far left or right of center
Shot Path (right or left of your setup position)
Statistical Totals for all shots hit in a session
Take a Look at Swing Easy Golf's New

This system can also be used to play practice holes or a complete round of golf; it even connects to the Tiger Woods® EA Sports® PGA® 2005 Golf Game. Your entire foursome can play here at some of the best courses around even when the weather isn't cooperating. Or you can play any time really grooving your swing improving your game and having fun at the same time.

For Fitting and Club comparisons we also use the Zelocity® Ball Flight Monitor. This unit is a Doppler Radar System that measures several things including:

Take a Look at Swing Easy Golf's New

Carry Distance
Club Head Speed
True Ball Speed,
Power Transfer Ratio a.k.a. Smash Factor
Comparing statistical totals for four different clubs

It can also be used to calculate your yardages for each club in your bag and allows you to print out a bag tag of these yardages. This can be very useful for your wedges. You can hit half and three quarter shots with each wedge and then print a bag tag with those yardages. This is something Dave Pelz promotes.

Take a Look at Swing Easy Golf's New
Take a Look at Swing Easy Golf's New

For additional Swing Analysis we use the V1® Video Analysis software. This allows us to capture video of your swing and highlight areas of improvement or compare your swing to a known quality swing. This is very helpful for swing improvements and measuring how they compare using the equipment to see actual ball flight improvements.

This Studio is available to rent everyday from 7am to 9pm by appointment. Call or email to set up a time and find out what your clubhead really looks like at impact or to compare equipment you’re using or thinking of purchasing.

Take a Look at Swing Easy Golf's New
  Take a Look at Swing Easy Golf's New

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